Biography of Margot Day & Kurtis Knight

MUSIC CHRONOLOGY: The Plague 1986 -1988 released "Naraka", MDCD SOLO 1997, SACRED! 1997-2001, mOss circle 2009-2010

2016-2019 CURRENT PROJECT METAMORPH: "The 4 Elements CD" released June 2017 and " E T H E R" released September 2017. 3rd album coming in 2019. New Single “I Walk the Line” out now.

New Day Turning the Tides with Metamorph.

Offering Transformation through Music. Metamorph Duo Margot Day & Kurtis Knight invite you to dance, sing, and be part of the Metamorph experience. A crossover alchemy of music genres, filled with love and mysticism, Metamorph has a witchy neopagan vibe. 

The first Metamorph CD was "the 4th Elements".  "E T H E R" (the 5th element) is the second METAMORPH Album released in 2017. Some call Ether the void, some say spirit, or Chi. Because of Ether's pure energy quality, it is thought that through immersion one may rid oneself of misery and illness. Metamorph tuning is A=432Hz – natures natural harmony. "ETHER" is dedicated to the Metamorph mascot Tinkerbell who recently passed into the ether.


The featured review in CMJ New Music Report’s Futures section summarizes her past and her present; “Margot Day continues to document her intense songwriting style and futuristic vocal and flute sounds. Day, classically trained in opera and flute, demonstrates her dramatic style with electronic-based musical accompaniment and dark, sensual vocals".

Margot Day has been compared to Florence and the Machine, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux, Grace Slick and Tori Amos.

Day's music is similar in someways to renaissance artists: with a depth of content regarding death, timelessness and sorrow, duality, and love. 

Margot Day's debut performance was on the famed stage of Danceteria in NYC as a solo artist. Considered an underground legend by some for fronting the punk-goth band
The Plague in the 80's. Day was an integral part of the New York City’s underground music scene, giving concerts in well-known venues such as CBGBs and the Limelight, pyramid, and Theater for the New City. Day collaborated with such innovative artists as Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, Jim Thirwell (NIN), Dru(This Ascention) Joey(Motograter), and interacted with Rob Zombie, The Swans and Bad Brains.

Margot Day is more of a Sunshine Goth now - inspired by transformation and healing, Day is sending a wave of love, community and miracles out to the world with her new Metamorph music. 

The debut music video from her music project Metamorph, “The Wave” and Fire Monkey released in 2016, and  "Daisy Logic" released late 2017 collectively over 85,000 views.


Day put together an international team. Partner and Multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight from California continues to bring his own special magnetism, melding with Day. Knight offer's a strong presence with on-stage with guitar, keyboard, loops, soundscapes, electronic beats. His sense of timing, fun, ambiance expands the Metamorph experience. Knight has been in tune with Day since working on the electronic experimental Pop album SACRED! and their 2010 Fantasy Rock album Moss Circle.

The musical talent and interaction between Day & Knight weave magic throughout the songs and the concerts. 

Some of the Metamorph beats stem from Day’s collaboration with Parisian producer and composer DJ Ari Karma. Visuals from Maik L. Knight, a VJ video artist from Berlin, Germany, project a mood of expansion and vibe of exhilaration at the concerts, allowing Day to perform a fully immersive creative performance for audiences.

Day and Knight's daughter, Los Angeles-based singer and actor Julifer Day contributed lyrics to Metamorph and was the featured actor in Metamorph "The Wave" music video.

Metamorph music comes from transformation and healing. An Alchemy of sound and visuals that portray how our lives are ever changing and expanding. With spontaneous bursts of art, dance, magic and love, held together by the music and capable of awakening human potential and positive energy. 

Metamorph is “music for morphing.” Day invites the listener to “become the wave, the phoenix, the butterfly, the pirate.”


Day is no stranger to the inner workings of change and growth. She is a reiki master and yoga teacher and channels that power into a metaphysical stage experience. What Day brings is “not really new energy, just more energy".  Day channels the musical force from its most fundamental components. Metamorph music features this chi, or energy in the "
4 Elements" CD “The Wave” (water) and “Fire Monkey” (fire)  “Wings” (air) and “Mindblown” (earth). And the newest album ETHER.

Margot Day was moved to combine the essential portions into a healing potion after an illness forced her to experience firsthand what it was like to be a medical and metaphysical miracle. “After emerging from a death and rebirth experience, we go forth with a more enlightened vision of our possibilities and potential in this life-time,” Day says. “And an urgency to share this new awareness. We will rise up from the muck like the lotus flower. Carrying light is facing the ugly and transmuting it.” Margot is more of a sunshine Goth now. This renaissance was explored in the Metamorph "Reclusive Underground Legend Releases New Music" project video, which was conceived by Carlos Duran. 

The Metamorph videos are also international efforts. “The Wave,” which feature esteemed Australian dancer Eileen Kramer and Day’s daughters Morgana Rose and Julifer Day, was filmed in California, Australia and Costa Rica, which breathed its own life into the project. The Metamorph video's are greatly enhanced by the brilliance of filmmaker Lazarina Todorova of Bulgaria. Fire Monkey Conceived by Day, Directed, Filmed and edited by Todorova. "The Wave" filmed by Todorova and Kellen Corkill, and Edited by Nyiko Benguien of Los Angeles, Directed and conceived by Day. 

Day and Knight live an international life-style with homes in both Vermont and Costa Rica and touring in Guatemala and the US. The Metamorph songs are inspired by both the nature of the forest in the north, and the magic of the jungle and the seas of the south.

”Day was born in NYC and lived in Santa Barbara California, Taos New Mexico. Currently in Vermont and New York City. Day released The Plague "Naraka"in 1986 in NYC. Her Solo MDCD in 1998. Sacred! in 1999. mOss circle in 2011. Metamorph 2016 - present.

Day was immersed in music, dance, theater and art since birth. By the age of 8, she was playing classical music on the flute and her three and a half octave voice range brought her to study opera at Bard College. 

“Both the flute and my voice are 3.5 octaves, so I switch back and forth between flute and voice, improvising melodies meshed with words and ideas,” 

Day says. “People sometimes react to the intertwined voice/flute fluidity, and flexibility, like they are watching a dragonfly’s wings illuminated in the light, or a hummingbird drinking from a flower - surprised and mesmerized.” 

So, turn off your mind, relax and ride the spiritual surf. The singer, flutist, songwriter and poet is as entrancing as ever. 
- Tony Sokol