Margot Day

Offering Transformation through Music


2016/2017 CURRENT PROJECT METAMORPH: "The 4 Elements CD" released June 2017 and " E T H E R" released September 2017.

Offering Transformation through Music Metamorph Duo Margot Day & Kurtis Knight invite you to dance, sing, and be part of the magic with Metamorph. Mixing music genres with love and mysticism Metamorph is a hybrid of Electronic Tribal Trance Dance, pagan pop, with Gothic undertones. The first Metamorph CD was "the 4th Elements".  "E T H E R" (the 5th element) is the second METAMORPH CD RELEASE. Some call Ether the void, some say spirit, or Chi. Because of Ether's pure energy quality, it is thought that through immersion one may rid oneself of misery and illness. Our tuning is A=432Hz – natures natural harmony. Dedicated to our mascot Tinkerbell who recently passed into the ether.


June 2017 Metamorph released “the 4 Elements” CD with these 4 songs: The Wave(water), Fire Monkey (fire), Wings (air) and Mindblown (earth). “The elements are also metamorphic, water evaporating into air, earth being transformed by fire into lava. With out change, life is not possible, “ Day says. Day is a songstress interwingin her multi-ranged vocals and flute. Day is well aquainted with the inner workings of magic. Listening to her musis Day channels melodies and lyrics into a fun and metaphysical music experience. Day could be compared to Bjork, Siousxie Sioux, Tori Amos, Kate Bush.

Multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight continues to bring his own special magnetism, melding with Day. Knight offers a beautiful presence with keyboard samples, loops, soundscapes, guitar and dance beats. His sense of timing, fun, ambiance and ritual expands the Metamorph experience.

Day & Knight have been making music together since 1999. The electronic Pagan Pop SACRED CD, then Ladybug, followed by fantasy rock mOss circle. The transcendent connection that Day & Knight share weaves love and magic throughout their music and lives. 

Metamorph music invokes a state of flux, transformation and, ultimately, unification. Inviting the feeling of community to gatherings and festivals. With spontaneous bursts of art, dance, magic and love, held together by the music, and capable of awakening human potential and igniting positive energy. Metamorph is “music for morphing.” Day & Knight invite the listener to “become the wave, the phoenix, the butterfly, the pirate.”



Metamorph grew from the complete transformation Margot Day made after an illness forced her to experience first hand what it was like to be a medical and metaphysical miracle. Watch the story unfold on this mini-documentary: