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Romantic and Intense Metamorph is music for morphing

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Romantic and intense Metamorph is duo Margot Day & Kurtis Knight. “Music for Morphing” an Alchemy of Sound and Visuals that portray how our lives are ever changing and expanding. Margot Day’s multi-range opera trained vocals and mastery of the flute entwine, and then merge with Composer Producer Kurtis Knight’s guitar, keyboards, synthesizer samples and beats. 

Metamorph "Daisy Logic" (Offiicial Music Video) 2017 ft. Margot Day & Kurtis Knight

Metamorph "Fire Monkey" (Official Music Video) 2016 ft. Margot Day. 

Festival: Metamorph Concert @ Songs of the Sirens "Wings" 2017

Metamorph Mashup Best of Equinox 2018 Concert. La Biela Spring 2018 Costa Rica

The Plague featuring Margot Day. Rare footage from the 80's Goth scene in NYC at the Limelight

Margot Day as front person for The Plague was a powerful force in the growth of the New York City 80's goth scene. The Plague album is a classic. Margot Day, then as well as now, remains a glittering living muse; inspired as much as she is inspiring". MV
Metamorph music is featured at the Witchsfest July 14 2018 ASTOR place  NYC click here for more concert dates.

Margot Day is more of a Sunshine Goth now

Metamorph has over 80,000 views on YouTube and a plethora of friends & fans on Facebook

ALBUMS: 2017 “The Four Elements” and  “ETHER”.  Available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and on most platforms. 

2016 - 2018 concerts in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Guatemala - Metamorph is attracting audiences everywhere.

Metamorph "Wings" concert clip 2017

"The Wave" concert clip 2018

Metamorph "Fire Monkey" concert clip ft. Margot Day 2017

Festival: Metamorph Concert NYE 2018 Headlining @ Cosmic Guatemala "Work my Body".


Margot Day's debut was on the famed stage of Danceteria in NYC as a solo artist. Considered an underground legend by some for fronting the punk-goth band The Plague and releasing the album Naraka in the 80's, Day was an integral part of the New York City’s underground music scene, giving concerts in well-known venues such as CBGBs and the Limelight and performing at Theater for the New City. Day collaborated with such innovative artists as Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, Jim Thirwell (NIN), and interacted with Rob Zombie, The Swans and Bad Brains.

Reclusive underground legend releases new music. Metamorph Documentary ft. Margot Day -the story of healing and transformation. With music from previous projects: SACRED! mOss Circle, and the Plague 

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The Metamorph Official Music Video “Wings” is in production.