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Romantic and Intense Metamorph Music has a witchy neopagan vibe

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Margot Day as front person for The Plague was a powerful force in the growth of the New York City 80's goth scene. The Plague album is a classic. Margot Day, then as well as now, remains a glittering living muse; inspired as much as she is inspiring". MV 

Metamorph "Daisy Logic" (Offiicial Music Video) 2017 ft. Margot Day & Kurtis Knight

Metamorph "Fire Monkey" (Official Music Video) 2016 ft. Margot Day. 

Margot Day is more of a Sunshine Goth now

Festival: Metamorph Concert @ Songs of the Sirens "Wings" 2017

Metamorph has over 80,000 views on YouTube and a plethora of friends & fans on Facebook

Festival: Metamorph Concert NYE 2018 Headlining @ Cosmic Guatemala "Work my Body".

Metamorph  "Glowing Heads" concert clip

2016 - 2018 concerts in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Guatemala - Metamorph is attracting audiences everywhere.

Metamorph "Wings" concert clip 2017

"The Wave" concert clip 2018

Metamorph "Fire Monkey" concert clip ft. Margot Day 2017

ALBUMS: 2017 “The Four Elements” and  “ETHER”.  Available on iTunes and Spotify and on most platforms. 

Reclusive underground legend releases new music. Metamorph Documentary ft. Margot Day -the story of healing and transformation. 

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The Metamorph Official Music Video “Wings” is in production.
USA phone: 802 441-4354