2020 Vision; Save Our Planet, Save Our Country

For the LES festival, Metamorph is thinking of a 10-minute original piece flowing through our new songs "WaterWalks" and "Ex Nihilo". A creation story that culminates with the intent of visions of hope for the wellbeing of our planet and country in 2020 and beyond.

Metamorph is duo Margot Day & Kurtis Knight. Margot Day's multi-range vocals and mastery of the flute combined with Knight’s guitar, keyboards, synthesizer samples and beats.  Songs with spontaneous bursts of poetry and dance, held together by the music and capable of awakening human potential. Over 90,000 views on the Metamorph youtube channel and a plethora of followers on social media.

Metamorph Mashup Best of Equinox 2018 Concert. La Biela Spring 2018 Costa Rica

The continued message thread through out all of Metamorph music is a vision to save and heal our planet through musical transformation. Metamorph music is crossing boundaries with an alchemy of sound. Metamorph is “music for morphing.”

With the first Metamorph album “the 4 elements” Day said “The elements are also metamorphic, water evaporating into air, earth being transformed by fire to lava. Without change, life is not possible”.  And the second Metamorph album “Ether” offers a doorway to the metaphysical. Some call Ether the void, some say spirit, or Chi. Because of Ether's pure energy quality, it is thought that through immersion one may rid oneself of misery and illness.

The plague was a featured act at Theater for the New City in the 80’s. Margot Day, a native New Yorker was an integral part of the 80’s NYC underground music scene while fronting the Goth band “The Plague” and is considered a legend by some. Today Margot Day is an active part of the LES with her Metamorph shows. 

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METAMORPH CONCERTS 2016-2018 USA, Canada, Costa Rica and Guatemala
Upcoming Concerts:
3/16 Sweet Melissa’s Montpelier VT
3/29 Bowery Electric NYC
4/26 Arkham Brooklyn NYC
5/11 May Day Faerie Festival Somers, CT
5/17 Coney Island Baby NYC
8/31 PA STEAM Fest 2019 Bethlehem, PA

Festival: Metamorph Concert NYE 2018 Headlining @ Cosmic Guatemala "Work my Body".

Metamorph featuring Margot Day - The Wave (Official Music Video)

Metamorph in the Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018. The largest showcase of electroacoustic music, and one of the largest festivals of its kind in the world. - at Abrons Arts Center LES New York City

Metamorph "Fire Monkey" concert clip ft. Margot Day

Festival: Metamorph Concert @ Songs of the Sirens Festival Costa Rica. Metamorph performing "Wings" from the “4 elements” Album.

Healing Documentary: Margot Day collaborated with such innovative artists as Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, Jim Thirwell (NIN), and interacted with Rob Zombie, The Swans and Bad Brains, H.R., view Day’s story of healing and returning to make new music in this Documentary, with music from previous Margot Day projects: SACRED! mOss Circle, and the Plague

Metamorph has over 90,000 views on YouTube and a plethora of friends & fans on Facebook

ALBUMS: The first Metamorph Album was “the 4 Elements”. “E T H E R” (the 5th element) is the second Metamorph Album. Some call Ether the void, some say spirit, or Chi. Because of Ether's pure energy quality, it is thought that through immersion one may rid oneself of misery and illness — Metamorph offers transformation thru music. Our tuning is A=432Hz – natures natural harmony. 

Metamorph "Daisy Logic" from the ETHER album. (Offiicial Music Video) 2017 with Margot Day & Kurtis Knight


Margot Day as front person for The Plague was a powerful force in the growth of the New York City 80's underground music scene. The Plague album is a classic. Margot Day, then as well as now, remains a glittering living muse; inspired as much as she is inspiring". MV

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