Romantic and Intense Metamorph is duo Margot Day & Kurtis Knight and their mascot Melody.

"Wings" Video released on the the Spring Equinox 2019

Daisy Logic from the Metamorph E T H E R album."Daisy Logic" music video out now on Youtube. The Metamorph music videos have collectively over 85,000 views.

Behind the scenes recording the new single from Metamorph

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Margot Day was an integral part of the 80’s NYC underground music scene while fronting the Goth band “The Plague” and is considered a legend by some. Day's multi-range vocals and mastery of the flute combined with Knight’s guitar, keyboards, synthesizer samples and beats, create a sound vibration that compels listeners not just to enjoy, but to be part of the Metamorph experience. With spontaneous bursts of art, dance, magic and love, held together by the music and capable of awakening human potential and positive energy. Day is more of a sunshine goth now. CLICK HERE FOR CONCERTS AND TOURS

 The 9 song album "ETHER" (the 5th element) is out now. Some call Ether the void, some say spirit, or Chi. Because of Ether's pure energy quality, it is thought that through immersion one may rid oneself of misery and illness. Our tuning is A=432Hz – natures natural harmony. "ETHER" is dedicated to the Metamorph mascot Tinkerbell who passed into the ether. 


"The 4 Elements" was released June 2017; The Wave (water), Fire Monkey (fire), Wings (air) and Mindblown (earth). “The elements are also metamorphic, water evaporating into air, earth being transformed by fire to lava. Without change, life is not possible,” Day says.


OH MY GODDESS!!! Grab a drink and/or a smoke and settle in and watch this Metamorph interview, and unplugged performance with me and Kurtis. Smoky, romantic, intimate, witchy, and special:

Day is a songstress improvising and entwining her opera trained multi-ranged vocals, with her flute. Listening to her muses, Day channels memorable melodies, and intriguing lyrics. Day has been compared to Florence and the Machine, Siouxsie Sioux, Tori Amos, and Kate Bush.

Multi-instrumentalist Kurtis Knight continues to bring his own special magnetism, melding with Day. Knight offers a beautiful presence with keyboard samples, loops, soundscapes, guitar and dance beats. His sense of timing, fun, ambiance and ritual expands the Metamorph experience.

Day & Knight have created other music projects: SACRED CD, then Ladybug, followed by fantasy rock mOss circle. The transcendent connection that Day & Knight share weaves love and magic throughout their music and lives. 


Metamorph music invokes a state of flux, transformation and, ultimately, unification.  Metamorph is “music for morphing.” Day & Knight invite the listener to “become the wave, the phoenix, the butterfly, the pirate.”

The Wave and Fire Monkey are the first of the Metamorph music videos:

Metamorph grew from the complete transformation Margot Day made after an illness forced her to experience first hand what it was like to be a medical and metaphysical miracle. Watch the story unfold on this mini-documentary:



Metamorph Mascot Melody

Teacup Yorkiepoo - artwork by Anna Noelle Rockwell