SACRED! Music Project
by Margot Day & Kurtis Knight 1999


SACRED! Press clips: Delirium - It may even raise a chakra. Like the ocean, SACRED! is lulling with some waves and an occasional white cap. VAE SOLIS - "fantasy and extremely exciting. I just love these tracks"! Oklahoma Gothic - "There are few who can rival the vision or voice of Margot Day. Something of a cultural icon in the industry, Margot Day has inspired more groups than one can conceivably identify". Perpetual Nightmare "Give in to your ancient passions: wandering , hauntingly beautiful. futuristic..". STARVOX - "Sacred is a plum ripe for the picking". The Gothic Preservation Society -" Lightning shifts from Disco Diva to demented operatic soprano .. to swamp-sorceress chant to werecat-caught-in-mid-transition.". LEGENDS - "legendary in her New York period as front woman for post-punk group. The Plague - I dare you to listen to this disc and try to concentrate on something else". OUTBURN - "The songs are so unusual, yet they work remarkably well... Margot Day is defiantly something to check out". --Octavia


"Ready to Globally Dominate"

Concert review from The Santa Barbara Independant; "Margot Day has a inescapable presence, capturing the audience with her long magenta curls veiling her milky white skin, lending to a romantic's vision of a mermaid. Her petite form embraced by a dark cloak revealing a purple bodice, skirt, and legs. The music then began. The electric and percussive melodies started a pulse that seemed to be pulling something up out of the ground -- and then Day began singing. She started off in a kneeling position.. as if her voice came from a well deep within her body, Day's voice began a steady chant, low in pitch. Gradually her voice began to rise in pitch as did her body. It was as if she was tapping into the energy in the room and pulling it up inside her. It was a courageous and original feat. The song was Wonderlust, and I suppose that was the reason the rest of us were there. To satiate a longing desire to be surprised by something curious, daring, and sensual..." Claudia Santa Barbara Independent 1999

Margot Day vox & flute/Kurtis Knight on Syn / Mike Watson Guitar / Joey Drums (from Motergrater). 

Interview by Jett Black For Starvox (2000) Hypnotic, dark magical, electronic trance-dance - Margot Day sings with such intensity, easily surfing high and low through octave ranges, sometimes wild and primal, sometimes soft and seductive soul dancing electro-industrial, hypnotic dance pop rock with gothic lyrical overtomes. Margot Day is progressive, haunting audiences with loops, natural and synthetic vocal mutations, samples from the galactic noise beyond this orb. Most of all, this music is made for fun, dance, and trance.... Highly acclaimed and adored, the gilded SACRED! cd has been celebrated by the press and club & radio DJ'S across the USA and abroad... Now, shut-me-up! and listen in as Margot Day draws you into the musical progression of her world...

What convinced to you to grow roots in Santa Barbara?

Margot: I'm being draw to the ocean, the night jasmine, the heat of the Jacuzzi under the stars…

How did you hook up with Mike Watson?

Margot: Mike just happened! He's a wild card! Unexpected! He adds a distorted fiery passion to the live show.

How did the fire, during your performance, start on Halloween at theYucatan? What's the story?

Margot: Opening for Das Ich - There was fire on Halloween, while we played "THEY BURNED THE WITCH"! Halloween at the Yucatan in Santa Barbara was a night to remember! Mike Watson got carried away while blowing fire from his mouth and the stage caught on fire! While smoke filled the room, I sang "They Burned the Witch, save the witch..", and the show went on, climaxing with SoBeautifulSoDeadly! Blessed Be! And of course, many special thanks to Gene who with burning feet stamped out the fire while others dashed on stage pouring water and squirting fire extinguishers.

Next, in Goleta, California, you took stage with Necrodolly, Cinema Strange, and Project Eden. What do you remember most about that night, in late Nov. '99?

Margot: I remember an excellent sound system, a powerful show, and enjoying the other bands.

Who is involved in your group, Margot Day, now?

Margot: We just did and April Fools Surprise show with a new drummer, Joey Z from Motograter. Very tribal and powerful. Joey transported me (with Kurtis Night on keyboards and Mike on guitar) to that rapture place, throbbing and transcending.

Which performances during the past year impressed you the most?

Margot: The Full Moon Solstice show with guest star Dru (from this Ascension) was unbelievable. The Full Moon being closer to the earth then usual, the pre-millennium turning tension, the Solstice, the packed room..some of the photo's in this interview are from that show.

How did you get noticed by CMJ? And what has come of that recognition?

Margot: I sent in my CD. I didn't have any special contacts. I am proud to say they just discovered it themselves, picked it out from the thousands of CD's sent in... CMJ called my music "futuristic"...I didn't know the review was there until one night, I was in my kitchen, being very un-glamourous, washing dishes and preparing dinner for my children when the phone started ringing. Big label A+R were calling me, they had seen the raving review featured in the futures section of CMJ. Nothing came of any of it, but it was entertaining accompaniment for dishwashing.......

Tell us about CyberDreams, and Cybertribes... what's that about?

Margot: The hope that we will unify, through the web, that we will become a Cybertribe and reach all kinds of people from all over the world. There are samples from faraway tribes, organic sounds, and sounds that are futuristic, creating a dreamy euphoria. You can hear CyberDreams at my website. Your music has been described as: "Ethereal-Gothic-Electro-Industrial-Ambient-Techno-Pop".

Describe methods you have used to explore these musical characterizations.

Margot: Ethereal: Meshing with the Mystical. Gothic: To embrace the Dark & the Light Electro: The sound of the future, the future of sound. Industrial: For the aggression, for the power. Ambient: Spacey, trippy, gateways to the other dimensions... Techno: Dancing and Throbbing Pop: To be unforgettable. To be heard everywhere.

You have described your absence from the music industry as one of seclusion "making babies and music in the wilderness". Tell us about your children and how the wilderness and the music came together.

Margot: Isolated with nothing but the web to connect me (and the collective consciousness) ...endless dark nights of winter... hearing the muse and the infinite songs to be created. This was a beautiful time, a special time, alone with my children and Kurtis. Learning from my wise elderly parents. My elderly mother still dancing and my father still painting. They were an inspiration. My children with their life force energy feeding and growing, there young softness and cuddlyness; an inspiration. The waterfall in my backyard, the fairy's on the moss hills; an inspiration. The longing, the yearning, for glamour and wild nights, fueled by memories of endless parties, endless lust, and endless dancing; an inspiration -this is what the SACRED! Cd is made of.

How did performing on the same stages with Fahrenheit 451, Bad Brains, and Sonic Youth in NYC inspire you and your musical developments?

Margot: It was a time of great exploration, rebellion, inventing, and boundary pushing, boundary breaking. Anything was possible, and anything could happen. It was NYC with out rules. Run by the underground. Inspired by talent with no restrictions. Free and wild. The beginnings of the club scenes, goth, punk, skins, dance… We were in it all together, with few prejudices of which tribe you walked with.

Where do you personally envision your music taking you?

Margot: I feel the music on the Sacred! CD is needing to be played and performed, that although it has been treasured, there are still so many people who have not heard it. I have only scraped the surface of the world.

How have you struggled to bring your music to the fore-front today?

Margot: Struggled. There is the understatement. All underground labels struggle with the fact that the major labels put millions into promotion and distribution. And the budget that I work with is totally out of pocket. I implore those into my music go to my website and buy my music or donate money if you can – I don't know how I can survive with giving it away forever? Is there any money in this scene to support those of us who give our life's blood?

What are RF waves? And what is it about RF waves that you wanted to capture and incorporate into your music?

Margot: RF = Radio Frequency Waves - Sound coming off of the planet (Neptune) recorded by the Voyager on its expedition. We sampled the sound from Neptune, and used it as a bass line and a background wash for the song Neptune on the SACRED! Cd. This is the evolution of music – to use organic sounds as instruments and make new music never possible before – In the past there was only instruments that we made, such as violins/guitars/drums ECT– and until recently we could not use the sounds of raindrops or the ocean melodically, rhythmically – now we can use a sampler to record and create music – even music from outer space!

How has your music pushed boundaries in the music industry?

Margot: I was rejected by Arista records even though they said it was "hit material" but my words where to "mystical"! Because of the web, the boundaries are being pushed, and the underground grows stronger and stronger… the big labels are dying there natural death. It is my hope to change the mainstream, to give people everywhere music with depth and meaning...

Please describe the video work Margot Day completed for cable tv in NYC. Which program, song and can we still find this video today?

Margot: Vampyre Dreams TV - cable TV there is a link to them at my website. Very special people(Vamps). They interviewed me at several live shows in NYC ( at CBGB'S ECT.), and played footage from the live show with the interviews. The video called Vampyre has the song Vampyre from my previous band the Plague. We filmed it in the wilderness of the Northeast kingdom in Vermont. It is played regularly on Vampyre Dreams TV in NYC. The Vampyre Video is for sale at my website. 

Describe one of your most inspirational moments in writing. When and where did this occur and how did it evolve?

Margot: Having lived in mommy-land for a few years, I missed making music so much it hurt through my whole being, I felt like I was going to throw up, puke, give birth, explode, combust. Though the cash flow was almost nothing, I went out and bought a keyboard, and a 4 track. I locked myself upstairs in our old farm house, cried to the spirits that be, I can do this, I will make music again. And then it came rushing out, Kismet (on the Margot Day CD), Wicked & Wize -"breakdown the walls and get away, forget the wastedtime, find me some wine, no rest for the Wicked &Wize" (my escape song). Hereafter was born then as well, by banging on the keyboard so hard that it caused distortion on the 4 track, everything in the red...

Margot Day: Vocals, Flute, programming, samples co-producer
Kurtis Knight: Programming,Syn,samples mixing, co-producer
Jeff Cooper: Drums, programming, samples, engineering, mixing, co-producer
Jim Harduby: Guitar