Margot Day

Offering Transformation thru Music


Metamorph Music

etamorph is a duo with Pagan Pop Diva Margot Day and Kurtis Knight; Pagan Pop, hypnotic electronic mystical trance-dance, wild and primal, dance rock with gothic overtones.

METAMORPH "The 4 Elements" EP 4 songs and videos. The Wave(water), Fire Monkey(fire), Wings(air), and Mindblown(earth). Available Now.

“The elements are also metamorphic, water evaporating into air, earth being transformed by fire to lava. Without change, life is not possible,” Day says.


Margot Day’s new project, Metamorph, grew from the complete transformation the singer made after an illness forced her to experience first hand what it was like to be a medical and metaphysical miracle. Watch the story unfold on this mini-documentary: